1. Conduct Costs Results

    These figures should be read subject to the points made under Notes on the Interpretation.

  1. International Results Table (2011-2015)

    The above International Results Table, together with detailed analysis, is available at the Conduct Costs Report 2016* .

    *The title of this report has been updated from that originally published to reflect more clearly the date of its original publication (being 2016) rather than the last year to which the data related (being 2015). The Conduct Cost data (for the period 2011-2015 inclusive), correct as it was at the time of publication, has not been updated. This is in order to preserve the integrity of the findings and analysis as at the date of the publication of the report. This is notwithstanding the fact that data is continually the subject of identification and verification as further (and/or better) information is available in the public domain. The presentation of updated results - as the research period moves to cover 2012-2016 - will be published in the Project's '2017' report - in July 2017.

    UK Banks Results Table (H1 2015)

    International Results Table (2010-2014)

    For access to the detailed data relating to the above table, readers of this website should consider joining The Conduct Costs Project Association. An example of the support data available to members of the Association is set out below.

    RBS - CCP1 Form Sample (Period 2013-2014) 

    International Table and Results (Period 2010 - 2014) New

    International Table and Results (Period 2009 - 2013)

    How does 2014 compare to 2013 - any improvement in Conduct Costs?

    See here, a summary analysis of the Conduct Costs (2013 vs 2014), incurred by the banks constituting the above International Table.


    Regional Results Table (2009-2013) - Australia

    We are very grateful to Calvin Benedict for his help in preparing the above research results.

    Regional Table and Results (Period 2009-2013) - Australia 


    Regional Results Table (2009-2013) - Israel

    We express our appreciation to, and thank, The Center for Banking Law, Netanya Academic College, Israel, and in particular its founder and Director, Professor Ruth Plato-Shinar and Ms. Keren Borenstein-Native (PhD Student at the Federmann School of Public Policy and Government, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem), for their help in preparing the above research results.

    Regional Table and Results (Period 2009-2013) - Israel 


    Regional Results Table (2009-2013) - France

    We express our appreciation to, and thank, Sabrina Lenczner (Permanent member of Droit et Croissance) and Laurie Delage (Law Student (Financial Law) at Paris Bar School and Permanent member of Droit et Croissance), for their help in preparing the above research results.

    Regional Table and Results (Period 2009-2013) - France New

    Regional Results Table (2009-2013) - Portugal

    We express our appreciation to our Portuguese team for their help in preparing the above research results.

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