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  1. NameSeven Deadly Sins: 'Retrospectivity, Culpability and Responsibility'
    Date2015-04-07 00:00:00 +0100

    It's fair to say that the general reputation of the banking sector remains very low in 2015 even though some years have now passed since the global financial crisis. As our Conduct Costs Project has shown, the level of fines and other "conduct costs" suffered by major international banks has reached extraordinary proportions. And, in addition to fines and compensation, the public response to conduct failings ranges from demands for prison sentences, resignations and public humiliation to endless demands (sometimes implemented) for special bank "levies", the breaking up of the major banks (or at least their radical shrinking), competition enquiries and encouragement of a growing field of "challenger banks". Can it get any worse? Has it, in fact, gone too far?

    Seven Deadly Sins: ‘Retrospectivity, Culpability and Responsibility’, by Roger McCormick

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