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    The following library of our Articles & Papers include publications across a range of topics from the Conduct Costs Project.

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    • Date2015-05-14 00:00:00 +0100
      AutorRoger McCormick and Chris Stears
      TextThe CCP Research Foundation's Conduct Costs Project, working with ShareAction, presents <a href="http://foreigners.textovirtual.com/ccp-research-conduct-costs/274/185664/cc-disclosure-with-aranda-observations.pdf">here</a> a working paper on a framework for the public disclosure of conduct costs by banks within their Annual Reports. The proposal, which aims to resolve the issues with current...
    • Autorby Asad Khan
      TextThe world of banking is awash with scandals of every conceivable variety. Common people are so far removed from elite decision-making that they have no role to play in the processes of change. This article argues that the league table for banks developed by the Conduct Costs Project provides a much-needed voice to the disempowered majority, i.e. common people who are routinely called upon to...
    • Autorby Roger McCormick
      TextIt's fair to say that the general reputation of the banking sector remains very low in 2015 even though some years have now passed since the global financial crisis. As our Conduct Costs Project has shown, the level of fines and other "conduct costs" suffered by major international banks has reached extraordinary proportions. And, in addition to fines and compensation, the public response to...
    • Autorby Calvin Benedict
      TextThe analysis of this paper is structured in two parts. Part A examines the Financial Conduct Authority’s regulatory focus on conduct risks, including definitional issues and its relationship to conduct costs. Part B presents my view on the materiality of conduct costs. The materiality discussion looks at the evolution of corporate reporting to accommodate shareholder and stakeholder needs, the...
    • Autorby Calvin Benedict
      TextBeyond the requirements of the law, beyond compliance there is an ongoing debate as to whether banks have a greater external moral and social obligation. These obligations typically fall under the dynamic and extensive literature on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Several definitions of CSR currently exist. However, in essence, CSR examines the role of corporations in society beyond...
    • Autorby Roger McCormick
      TextAs we developed our research programme for the first phase of this project, our working definition of Conduct Costs evolved, informally, as the experience of research brought up various questions for "in or out" decisions. The working definition is reflected in the Overview of the Project set out in this blog. Defining Conduct Costs is important because one of our objectives, as regular readers...
    • Date2013-12-11 00:00:00 +0000
      Autorby Calvin Benedict
      TextEarlier this year, Chancellor George Osborne made an impassioned pledge to “reset the banking system”.The onslaught of fines, lawsuits and settlements which have followed are clear indications of regulators as well as politicians seeking to placate public opinion through compensatory justice for current and past misdeeds by financial institutions. Indeed, a Financial Times article in December...
    • Date2013-11-21 00:00:00 +0000
      Autorby Chris Stears
      TextOn 1 October 2013, the Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Report) Regulations 2013 came into effect. The material change introduced by the Regulations was a requirement for certain companies to prepare a strategic report as part of their annual report (s. 414C of the CA 2006). This will apply for periods ending on or after 30 September 2013. The 'strategic report' replaces the...
    • Autorby Chris Stears
      TextThe ‘huge’ fines being meted out by law enforcement agencies and regulators across the banking sector are ‘material’ (by most stakeholder's reckoning). Prudential regulators are certainly alive to these costs. Take for instance, the impact of conduct cost expenses on UBS’s bottom line – the bank reported on Tuesday that the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority was forcing it to hold...
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